3 Must-Visit Breweries in San Diego

When you think of a good beer, and you search “best breweries in America”, San Diego ranks among the top. We have been dubbed by many as the “micro-brewery capital of America”, and have been delivering top shelf beer for decades. Some of the most notable and largest breweries in the U.S are located in San Diego such as Ballast Point, Stone, and Alesmith. The best city to visit while planning a trip to visit the best breweries in California is San Diego.

Ballast point 

Ballast Point is one of San Diego’s premiere breweries and has been recognized as one of the best beer manufacturers in all of the United States. From their gold-medal winning IPA, to their hoppy porter, Ballast Point has managed to reinterpret and reinvent modern beer through both art, and science. Stop by their brewery today and see for yourself what new and modern creations they have brewin’.


Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996 in Escondido, California, Stone Brewing Company has climbed to the top of the beer empire of the United States, ranking as the 9th biggest brewing company in the United States. They are one of the pioneers of the West Coast IPA and have cemented themselves as a global brand that is recognized by many as one of the leaders in the modern craft beer revolution.


Alesmith Brewing Company was founded in 1995 and has since garnered an international reputation as one of the best craft breweries on Earth! Currently, Alesmith Brewery ranks #6 in the world out of over 33,000 breweries worldwide. It is safe to say that Alesmith is best known for brewing legendary, hand forged ales that are globally desired. So, next time you are in San Diego, make sure to stop by to experience excellence.