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Relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown San Diego on your next getaway to Mission Bay. Stay at one of our hotels and enjoy the on-site pools, waterslides, and direct access to whale watching, sailing, and other water activities.

You’ve got everything a San Diego holiday should have right here at our resorts. Amazing food, relaxing spa services, poolside chill sessions, and ocean adventures are just a few of the amenities that will make this trip the one you wish would last forever.

At our hotels, you will discover the picturesque natural beauty of Mission Beach. Our resorts are your beachside escape from reality. Experience the best of San Diego with our lush tropical gardens, miles of sandy beaches, and family-friendly accommodations that set our hotels apart. Book with us now for your next Southern California adventure.

Bahia Resort Hotel

Catamaran Resort Hotel HR

Catamaran Resort Hotel

Campland on the Bay

Hyatt MB

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Catamaran Resort Hotel HR

Paradise Point Resort


San Diego Mission Bay Resort

The Dana Ariel View

The Dana on Mission Bay