Hotels Mission Bay San Diego


What makes Mission Bay the perfect location for a San Diego vacation? The amenities, watersports, drinking, and dining options are endless! Plus the area boasts some of the city’s best hotels and resorts.

On your next trip to San Diego, you’ll need a place to call home base, so let’s take a look at some great places where you can do just that. Here’s a summary of the best resorts and hotels in Mission Bay — so you can choose which one will be the perfect fit for your ultimate San Diego Vacation.   


Paradise Point

If your idea of a great travel experience includes tropical gardens, peaceful lagoons, and a mile of sandy beaches right outside your door, Paradise Point is the place for you. 

It’s located on a 44-acre island, and the amenities include five pools, five onsite dining choices, an award-winning spa, and a marina for when you want to get out on the water. 

If you’re thinking about the local attractions, everything’s close. That includes the airport, downtown San Diego, Old Town and Belmont Park, and SeaWorld. 

It’s all on display at, and you can put together your own personal version of paradise travel. 


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Catamaran Resort Hotel

This tropical hideaway is located in Pacific Beach, and it’s close to everything. If you’re a fan of Polynesian culture and cuisine, though, you may not want to leave —the Catamaran features lush vegetation, palm trees, koi ponds, tiki torches, waterfalls, and a colorful cast of exotic birds that have been known to chat up a guest or two. 

As for location, you’ll have Mission Bay in your backyard and the Pacific Ocean across the street. If that sounds enticing, check out and make your plans accordingly. 


San Diego Mission Bay Resort

The SoCal lifestyle experience is truly unique, and the San Diego Mission Bay Resort is the perfect place to experience it. 

Located in the heart of San Diego, this resort hotel also offers waterfront dining, luxurious spa treatments, and a complete array of activities for kids. 

The fun starts at, so dive right in and peruse the possibilities. 




Dana on Mission Bay

The Dana is more than just a great place to stay if you’re looking for an exceptional lodging experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

You can go for a two-room suite or a guest room, and either way you’ll have access to two outdoor swimming pools, a private marina, a fitness center, and bicycle and water sports rentals to fulfill any recreation desires you may have. 

The Dana prides itself on being both family and business-friendly. So what does that mean? Business travelers will be close to the San Diego Convention Center, while families can take advantage of the fact that SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo are just a short distance away. 

We’re sure you’ll be overwhelmed by the possibilities, but you’ll love exploring them, so start your journey by going to


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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina 

The Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina offers superb accommodations and an incredible guest experience.

The Hyatt Regency Mission Bay includes both onsite pools and water slides, as well as access to whale watching, sailing, and every other water sport you can think of. For an up-close look at what’s available, go to


Bahia Resort Hotel

It’s hard to match the intimacy of the Bahia experience, which includes having the beach right outside your door. 

Some guest rooms also feature lush, private gardens, and the amenities include self-parking, free WiFi, and rooms equipped with a coffee maker, an in-room safe, and a mini-refrigerator to keep you self-sufficient when you’re not out enjoying the surf and sand. 

To get an idea of what kind of views of Mission Bay you’ll be able to enjoy, go to to get a glimpse of the Bahia experience. 


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Now that You Know What’s Available. . . 

It should be obvious at this point that Mission Bay is the perfect place to situate yourself for the ultimate San Diego vacation experience. 

There are plenty of amenities and attractions available in the area, as well as numerous restaurants that will satisfy your food cravings. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, pick the resort hotel in Mission Bay that suits you best, and you’ll have the time of your life.