Best San Diego neighborhood guide for your group getaway

As the second-largest city, San Diego is one of the best places for planning a getaway with your friend group. It is a diverse place filled with charming places and things that everyone in the group will love. The neighborhoods that San Diego brings are special, different, and have a unique spin that gives relaxation and highlights the welcoming culture of California. From the lively east village, club scene of Hillcrest, to the incredible views of Ocean beach, you will get to know some beautiful areas in the city with this San Diego neighborhood guide for your friend group getaway.

Mission Hills

Mission hills is located in the north of downtown, San Diego. Mission Hills is a historic place with a modern edge. You can take your friends for a walk through mission hills, or explore streets lined with stately mansions and homes. Outside of the residences, tourists can also enjoy an assortment of hotels, shops, and restaurants that slowly evolve the area into one of the most desirable place in San Diego. If you are hungry, visit Fort Oak for a memorable meal. You can also have an old-school record experience at M-Theory music.


Hillcrest is brimming with nightlife and is also the main center of the LGBTQIA+ community in San Diego. You will have access to a world-class farmers market at Hillcrest, and outstanding fashion retail. You can make a stop in the Hillcrest brewing company for a craft beer brimming with flavor or you can visit the museums of Balboa Park that are some of the most beautiful places for group outings.

Normal Heights

Normal Heights is a hidden gem of San Diego. Normal Heights is a diverse combination of students, families, and world-class apartments. Here at Normal heights, you’ll find incredible hotels, niche coffee shops, and unique stores. Make sure you make the trip to some of the of the amazing pizza spots such as Blind Lady Alehouse and DiMille’s pizza to experience the thriving dive-bar culture.

Gaslamp Quarter

As you might guess from the name, the Gaslamp Quarter, also named Gaslamp District by the local people, is among the most historic places of San Diego. It was founded by some of the city’s earliest settlers as an amusement district; there are vibrant hotels, clubs, stores, and theatres for tourists and residents to have a good time. Everyone in your group will find something to love about the Gaslamp.

La Jolla

La Jolla is called the Jewel of San Diego and is definitely the most beautiful and welcoming place in America’s Finest City. There are plenty of group activities in La Jolla, like visiting La Jolla Cove to watch some seals basque in the sun, climbing Mt. Soledad to experience one of the best views in San Diego, exploring the La Jolla tide pools, or adventuring through La Jolla shores park! La Jolla is also home to some of the best rated restaurants that Southern California has to offer. La Jolla steals the show in every category and is good reason alone to visit San Diego.ย