Best Exhibits at Seaworld

Sea Lions Live

San Diego is full of sea lions near the La Jolla cove, but none quite as special as the ones they have at Seaworld. The two performing sea lions at Seaworld in San Diego are Clyde and Seamore. These amazing and sassy animals will have your family bursting-out laughing as you watch them perform all sorts of cool tricks!

Journey to Atlantis

The Journey to Atlantis has been a Seaworld staple for quite some time now. This ride is truly unique in that it is part water ride, and part coaster creating a unique and altogether fun experience. When you are at the very top, you get a gorgeous, 360 degree view of all of San Diego and the best of Mission Bay. This is also the perfect ride to cool off on a hot day.

Shark Encounter

When you visit the shark encounter in Seaworld, you are transported onto a moving walkway as you slowly move under these apex predators. Here, you will have the chance to see a wide-array of different shark species such as the sand tiger shark, bonnethead, blacktip, and whitetip reed sharks. The exhibit finishes as you pass through the jaws of a Megalodon shark, the largest shark species to ever exist. This is a truly unique experience and allow guests to get a better view into their hidden world.ย 

Dolphin Days

The team of bottlenose dolphins is perhaps one of the best exhibits at Seaworld. During the show, they show-off incredible athleticism and coreography, while they do all sorts of tricks in sync with one another. Dolphins are also one of the most intelligent animals in the whole animal kingdom, and it clearly shows when they are interacting with the crowd.